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It’s possible you’ve ended up on this website because of the success that I’ve had on a pair of skis in a halfpipe. For my family and I that is only part of the story.  I started hunting with my dad and older sisters when I was 8.  I’ve always been passionate about hunting and the outdoors but in preparation for the 2014 Olympics I decided to do some diet based performance testing.  Eating a wild game protein rich diet I performed significantly better on every test including strength, reactiveness and jumping.  It was easy to see that eating more wild game would be good for my skiing performance.  In 2015 my family and I switched to exclusively wild game meat in the meals we prepared at home and I started taking frozen wild game meat with me on the road.  Fortunately, I’ve been successful enough in the field since then that we have not had to buy meat at the store.  

Hunting has become a part of our family identity and we recently decided to take it up a notch by starting a tiny farm.  We currently have 15 chickens and some home raised pork in the freezer.  We dream of being as independent and self sustainable as possible.  We want to grow our own fruits and vegetables and add some more critters to the tiny farm.  In the near future we will be converting our home to solar power.

Wise OTG is the place where you can find content from hunts either in the offseason or between contests, tiny farm triumphs and fails, , hunting tips and tactics and a plethora of wild game recipes.

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